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Tools You Can Use in the Garden! 

hand-held Pruner
For clipping flowers,
shrubs, small branches. Usually less expensive; features one sharp blade that hits against one flat blade.
hand-held Pruner
For clipping flowers, shrubs, small branches. Cuts clean and it's easy to use.
Use to cultivate the soil around bedding
plants to keep
weeds down.
Bow Pruning Saw
Use for sawing tree branches. Triangular shape makes reaching and cutting between branches of trees and bushes easier; chews easily through wood.
Small Pruning Saw
Use to prune old
wood from shrubs and to shape small trees.

Sharp Point Trowel
Use to dig small holes in undisturbed soil.
Regular Trowel
Choose narrow-
blade model for
Lopping Shears
Use for pruning branches up to 1" in diameter. Long handles provide leverage.
Hedge Shears
Try manual models first to test weight and shock absorbency of handles. Electric shears are noisier, heavier, more expensive and require long extension cord.
Hedge Shears
Try manual models first 
to test weight and shock absorbency of handles. Electric shears are noisier, heavier, more expensive; require long extension cord.

Old Style Hose Nozzle
Very basic nozzle; adjusts from spray to stream; lightweight.
Trigger Nozzle
Adjusts from a fine spray to a powerful stream of water using one hand.
Gentle Shower Nozzle
Use this type of nozzle when you require a gentle application of water in your garden.

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Watering Can
Use to water and apply liquid fertilizer to potted plants
Use to apply fertilizer and other granular materials to lawns.
Wheel Barrow
For moving soil, compost, mulch. Deeper sides allow you to carry more, but be sure you can push and
balance a full load.

 Used to keep grass out of flower beds; keep sharp
Garden Fork
Use for turning 
soil, compost or
lifting bulbs, onions. Four tine model is preferred. Forged-steel head is stronger than welded-steel.
Soil Rake
Stiff metal tines for moving, breaking 
up and smoothing soil before planting.
Choose model with flat back for leveling soil.
Has flexible tines. Choose wide, softer head for grass; narrow, stiff
metal head for paths, gravel.
Long Handle
 Useful for moving large quantities of soil, sand, gravel etc.
Round Point
Use for digging and scooping soil; short handle (26"-30") for heavy loads and long handle (40"-48") for larger jobs.
Garden Spade
Use for digging into undisturbed soil and squaring edges. Flat squared off blade is characteristic.
Use for chopping
and loosening soil/weeds. 
Smaller blade is easier to work between closely spaced plants.

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