Photo Gallery 2014
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Ben was up at 2 a.m. with his camera!

Some images from our September Monthly Competition.

More from Ben's Garden

Images from Elda.
Betty made a friend in the garden. Click to enlarge

Enlarge the images to see Marion's garden with birds and butterflies.

From the garden of Wayne and Diane

Marcy's Garden

The garden of long-time member Guido can be seen by clicking here. Guido is a sponsor of our Web site.

Take a look at Elda's butterflies and flowers.

Jim's garden activities

Rose finally had some time to take some photos

Betty is nurturing Monarch Butterflies. This is her first "birth."

Elda has had her camera out again.

Betty has done some creative gardening.

Jan found this in her yard… A lily growing inside a lily.
From Ben's Garden

From Elda's

Jim's Daylilies are blooming!
Click to enlarge and take a look at Kathy's beautiful orchid.
Two more photos from Ben

Tree Peonies from
Wayne and Diane

Elda's been busy with her camera.
Saved the peonies before the rain.

More from Jim

The peonies came from my grandparents yard when they moved in 1999. I remember them as a child.

More from Jim

Gina's Iris
Jim's Garden

More from Elda

Images from Elda's Garden

Jim had his camera out again.

Jim's garden is coming alive with the warmth!

Jim found the Winter Aconite peeking out
of the leaves.

Judy sent some pictures of the new growth of 2014.

Some birds and butterflies from Marion's garden last year.

Some images from Ben's garden last year.

Updated  September 2014


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