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Chicagoland Gardening Sites Botanic Gardens and Arboreta
Chicago Botanic Garden Atlanta Botanical Garden
Chicago Park District Gardens Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Cantigny Gardens Cleveland Botanical Garden
Morton Arboretum Harvard University Arboretum

Holden (Ohio) Arboretum

Longwood (Pa) Gardens

Missouri Arboretum

International Carnivorous Plant Society

Composting Gardening for Kids Sites
Backyard Composting Garden Books for Kids
Composting Council Garden Fun
Composting in Canada Horticulture for Kids
Composting Guide Butterfly Gardening
Urban Home Composting Kids Gardening
Worm Composting My First Garden
How to Compost
Creating a Garden for Kids - pdf file

Gardening at Home with Kids

Beginners Guide to Gardening with children   New

Government sites

Chicago Park District - Plant Finder   

Cornell University Cooperative Extension
Ohio State University Extension Urban Gardening
University of Illinois Cooperative Extension
University of Illinois Extension
U. of Vermont on Perennials
U.S. Dept of Agriculture
USDA APHIS (Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service)
U.S. Forest Service

How-To Sites

All about Seeds
 Native Plants
How do you keep a Poinsettia healthy
Amateur Gardener How to Start a Flower Garden - New
Drip Irrigation Lawn Talk
Care Tips - Flower & Plant care On-Line Tips
Urban Gardening The Bug Review
Early Sowing of Flowering Plant Seeds (chart) Five Ways to Get the Most Bang from Your buck from a Small Garden
Watch Your Garden Grow
How-to Gardening
Guide for Growing Herbs

23 Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks from the Experts

Other Garden Sites of Interest Plant Specific Sites - Global Gardening Resource

African Violet Society of America
American Horticultural Society American Camellia Society
American Society for Horticultural Science American Conifer Society
Attracting Butterflies American Daffodil Society
Butterfly Gardening American Dahlia Society

Garden Brew

American Orchid Society

Garden Web - The Internet's Garden Community

Succulent Plants - Seed gerination and growing information

Strawberries & More

Joliet Area Garden Club - Will County Gardening

American Rose Society
National Council of State Garden Clubs Apples & More
National Gardening Association Bromeliad Society International
N.J. Tropicals and More Pumpkins & More
Plantid - Plant identification markers Christmas Trees & More
The Essential Garden Guide Daylilies
Society of American Florists Daylilies: Chicagoland Daylily Society
Watch your Garden Grow
Herbs     New
American Herb information
Illinois Orchid Society
General Gardening Information
Our Rose Garden
Sweet Home Organics
Home Grown Products
Irises     New
Learn about herbs
Lawn Talk\
A Guide to gardening at home 
Mushroom Council

National Arbor Day Foundation

North American Rock Garden Society


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